Set in rural Aotearoa where opportunities seem as empty as the well, The Fence weaves a timeless story of family and future. This uniquely Kiwi tale features both te reo Māori and English, with a blend of fierce physicality and delicate story-telling, The Fence provides audiences with an immersive reflective experience.

The Fence held a sold-out season at Bats Theatre in September 2016.

About The Fence

Living in a 70k zone on the outskirts of a small rural New Zealand town, Suzi and her brother

Tomo are sitting on the fence. Suzi watches the world speed by, with no regard for her.

Tomo stands firmly nowhere. 


On a day not quite like any other, but practically the same in every way, Tomo disappears. 

In this world where opportunities are few, the toughest thing is to make a decision.

Shadowed by Rona, the woman in the moon, Tomo and Suzi look back and consequently up before moving forward.

Conceived during a script-writing class in 2013 and Shortlisted for Playmarket’s B4 25 competition in 2014, The Fence is the debut play by local, emerging playwright Fran Olds. A reading in June 2015 sparked the next stage of development for the production.


The Brothers & Sisters Collective received funding from the Hutt City Council Creative Communities Scheme for the first stage of development. 

Cast & Crew

Performers: Neenah Dekkers-Reihana, Joe Dekkers-Reihana, Elle Wootton, Maria Dabrowska, Sabrina Martin, Michael Trigg

Creative directors: Fran Olds and Luke Hanna

Sound designer: Jason Wright

Lighting designer: Glenn Ashworth

Set Design: Brothers and Sisters

Set Design Support: Rose Kirkup

Photography: Owen McCarthy

Producer: Kiri Olds

Award Nominations

Wellington Theatre Awards 2016

Best New Director - Fran Olds and Luke Hanna

Best Sound Design - Jason Wright

"Sound designer Jason Wright underlines these scenes with a grinding, overwhelming post-rock score, drowning out everything except the land and Rona’s drifting, jerking across it."

- Adam Goodall, 2016 

The Fence - in development

In December 2015 the Brothers and Sisters Collective gathered a diverse creative crew together to 

play and start building The Fence. Tucked away at St Augustine’s Scout Hall in Petone actors, 

dancers, designers starting working the Brothers and Sisters way. A morning korero (WIFLE), group 

run, yoga, coffee and creative tasks set the routine.


The week was incredibly fruitful as we saw the world of the play evoked through song, movement, drama. The week rounded up with a community showing to share some of the work from the week, start a conversation about The Fence and have a cup of tea and cake with local community.


This week-long development workshop could not have been without the support of the Hutt City 

Council Crestive Communities Scheme, friends, whanau and the many other supporters – ngā mihi!

Development Crew & Collaborators

Performers: Neenah Dekkers-Reihana, Liana Yew, Elle Wootton, Jared Hemopo, Manny Solomon, Michael Trigg

Creative directors: Fran Olds and Luke Hanna

Sound designer: Jason Wright

Lighting designer: Glenn Ashworth

Set Design: Rose Kirkup

Photography: Jason Wright

Producer: Kiri Olds

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