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Eyes fading with sight long gone, this place eye

See-er is more than black and white

Yet in fading sight colour lives on.



On and on in my mind, how it shades my own kind,

of thoughts and images

perceived to me and that also of mine enemy.



The darkness that comes my way, now to then that makes me fall

on bended










To live. To be.



Yet this place goes forever on and on, I may not be here

to sing my song,

to be stood on,

to be ...



Need you know of this truth? Is it mine, or yours? Or the dogs four paws?

Am I crazy? Do I see? Do I see you staring back at me?

Never fear, I will not ask, but will you ask yourself? What, where, who, how and why?

I need to know or else...



Or else you’re in a place like this. Where eyes may hear, may feel, may see

or not.





Text - Fran Olds

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