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eye - a duo performed by international contemporary dancer Luke Hanna featuring live sounds by composer Jason Wright. Embark on a journey, travel alongside the pair, witness stunning imagery, profound sound and gutsy physicality. Growth, perception and identity. What will your eyes see?

Acclaimed dance-theatre eye premiered at the Wellington Fringe Festival 2014 and Tempo Dance Festival 2014.

"One of the greatest openings I have seen in a show this year, Luke Hanna convulses his body, scuttles across the stage, and shows the greatest amount of physical anguish I have ever witnessed. It was truly breath taking."


- Kerry Wallis, Theatreview

Tempo Dance festival 2014 -

Images © Celia Walmsley

Eye Credits:


Luke Hanna – choreographer & performer  

Jason Wright – composer, photographer & performer

Fran Olds – dramaturg & creative producer 

Anita Hunziker – artistic adviser, technical operator

Serene Lorimer (Flux Productions) – producer

Glen Ashworth – lighting design

Casimar Larkin – costume & prop design


A special thank you to the NZSD Internship students for their contribution to the movement development in June 2014: Felix Sampson, Jacob Edmonds, Letitia Sparks & Mark Semple


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