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The Brothers & Sisters Collective is passionate about the role art plays in lively, connected communities, both locally and globally. Working across mediums to create work of remarkable nature, Brothers & Sisters are committed to facilitating growth and development opportunities through the creative process.


The Brothers & Sisters Collective has a unique way of working, guided by three core values: whānau, kōrero and koha.


Whānau - to create connection.   

Whānaungatanga is present and valued in all aspects of our work: within our team, with audience, supporters, and the wider community. Drawing on the pōwhiri model, whānau is the way we greet, host and work with people, spaces and stories. Put into practice, whānau means shared kai, a simple act of manaakitanga that supports and nurtures collaborative relationships and contributes to a rich creative process.


Kōrero  - to share stories.

Kōrero expresses our belief in the value of storytelling; the importance that sharing stories has on individual and collective growth and development. Drawing on the languages we have at hand, be they physical, aural, visual, or verbal, telling stories from our land is a particular passion of ours. Through the act of sharing stories, we aim to contribute to a lively, connected culture and community.


Koha - to value contribution.

‘Nāu te rourou, nāku te rourou, ka ora ai te iwi,’ everyone brings something to the table. It is this acknowledgement that honours everyone’s contributions. A positive creative process is supported by koha. From gifts of time, energy, expertise, funds, support and participation, koha is the way work is created and received.  



Born through the creation of eye in 2013. Dancer, choreographer Luke Hanna was in Brussels when inspiration struck. He teamed up with sister Fran Olds to produce and Jason Wright to compose and the collective has continued to grow with new projects in the pipeline.

Some key players in the team are;

Luke Hanna - Co-Director

Dancer, choreographer, teacher & movement director. Since graduating New Zealand School of Dance in 2006 Luke’s toured internationally with acclaimed companies Black Grace, Dance North, and Australian Dance. Now Luke is based in Wellington and is focussed on creating his own work - thus the conception of the Brothers & Sisters Collective.

Kiri Olds - Co-Director

Creative thinker, connector and synthesiser. A Graduate from Victoria University in 2015 with a BA in Te Reo Māori, Māori Studies, and Environmental Studies she has natural skills in communication, organisation and a strong sense of community. Kiri has decided to invest her energy in creative projects that support community development and transformation leading to her involvement with the Brothers & Sisters Collective.

Jason Wright - Designer

Composer, sound artist, producer & designer. Jason works consistently with sound installation with works featured in Wellington galleries in addition to scores for film and dance and theatre mediums. This includes Muscle Mouth’s acclaimed show Triumphs and Other Alternatives 2015

Bronwen Olds - Educator

Bronwen’s vocation is focused on creating and supporting just and respectful relationships between children, parents, educators, and Māori and Tauiwi/Pakeha. She has worked professionally for over 30 years supporting children and young people’s development in community, educational and government organisations. She has a Masters of Social Science, First Class Hons (Waikato), and the NZ Playcentre Federation Certificate. She is a trained leader in the Pikler approach, Incredible Years programme, and facilitates courses for parents and babies. 


Fran Olds - Actor, playwright, dramaturge, producer, & director. As a graduate from the John Bolton Theatre School 2011, Fran is an emerging theatre practitioner working across mediums to further skills and experiences, most recently starring in Bea Joblin’s feature film ‘Births, Death & Marriages’.


Anita Hunziker

Maria Dabrowska

Glenn Ashworth

Sabrina Martin

Joe Dekkers-Reihana

Michael Trigg

Neenah Dekkers-Reihana

Elle Wootton

Many thanks to:


New Zealand School of Dance - Paula & Gary, Peter and Margaret Hanna, Hanna Olds Whanau, Wesley Taranaki St Church, Andrew Miller, St Augustines Church Petone, Petra Herrings, David Becker, Casimar Larkin, Malia Johnston,

Tor Columbus, Co-Art - Callie O’Neil, Melanie Hamliton, Creative New Zealand, Carrie Rae, Celia, Hannah and Brad at the TEMPO Dance Festival, Hutt City Dance Centre - Lynn & Art Noanoa, EAT - Sally at the Emerging Artists Trust, DANZ, The Tup Lang Estate, Scott Hill, Toko Kapea


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